With the help and advice from some of my "Ardbeg Ambassadors", I decided to divide the "Pre-Glenmo" bottles into two sections. This page will be devoted to the bottles released after 1960, but prior to the Glenmorangie Revival and Purchase in February/March 1997 . This is due to the ease of confirming accurate and valid information for each bottle, including the source of the bottle and the market where the bottle was released. "The Ardbeg Project" does not want to promote a bottle as an Official Release until there are multiple sources to validate a given bottle. The older the release, the more difficult to obtain accurate information!

This section is "Under Construction", and is far from finished, but I have included the bottles below to get this page started. If the bottle image is "clickable", then the page is finished. Otherwise most bottles and their pages will be completed in due time.

12 yo - No Date

12 yo - 1966

12 yo - 1966 (Diag. ribbon)

Old Islay Malt - Special

Old Islay Malt

10 yo (France?)

10 yo

10 yo - 75.7cl

10 yo - Genova 75cl

10 yo - 75cl

10 yo - 75cl

10 yo - 70cl

Quintessential Islay - Ardbeg 15

Very Old Ardbeg

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