The Ardbeg Project

Expression: Mor

Age: 10

ABV: 57.3

Years bottled: 2007

Bottle Size: 4.5L

Number of Bottles: 1000 (100 released at Feis Ile 2007)

Box: Large

Insert/Booklet: None

Distribution: United Kingdom

Confirmed Markets: UK, Europe

Front Label Varieties: Bottles are numbered

Back Label Varieties: No Varieties

Initial Price: 350

The Ardbeg Mor was launched at Feis Ile 2007 with 100 bottles offered to the attendees. I heard that one bottle broke, and I can't help but wonder if any of the whisky was salvaged.

Of note, Momentous Minutes Issue 8 mentions that 50 bottles will be made available to the public, but some attendees told me 100 were released. Anyone present at Feis Ile 2007 that can substantiate either story is welcome to CONTACT us.

Front large box.

Front Label.

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