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Distillers Selection Pack.

Expression: Distillers Selection Pack

Ardbeg TEN: 46%

Glenmorangie TEN: 40%

Glen Moray NAS (Chardonnay): 40%

Year released: 2002

Bottle Size: 5cl

Box: with Front Window

Insert/Booklet: None

Distribution: UK, Europe

Confirmed Markets: UK, Europe

Importers: ???

Front Label Varieties: None

Back Label Varieties: None

Initial Cost: £9.99

Original Ardbeg Online Shop advertisement.

Distillers Selection Pack

Have your very own tasting with this pack of three miniatures - one from each of our distilleries. Sample the sweet, vanilla characteristics of Glenmorangie, the gentle, dry Glen Moray or the deep and smoky Ardbeg. Which one is your favourite?

Price: £9.99

Source: - circa April 2003

Front view.

Rear View.

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