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Expression: Camouflage Gift Pack w/mini

Bottled (Packaged): 2012

Expression: TEN

ABV: 46%

Bottle Size: 75cl

# of Bottles: No information yet

Box: Gift Box

Insert: Uigeadail mini

Distribution: France, US

Confirmed Markets: France, US

Importers: Moet-Hennessy

Front Label Varieties: Standard Labels

Back Label Varieties: EU and US versions

Initial Price: 55 Euros; US - TBA

The camouflage gift pack with an Uigeadail mini was released in May, 2012 in the French market. It is available in the US market beginning August, 2012. The gift pack included the currently released TEN along with a 50ml version of the standard Uigeadail.

Front View.

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