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Single Cask 2763 - Sold at the Distillery

Cask #: 2763

Date filled: 14 September, 1998

Date bottled: 5 November, 2009

Age: 11

ABV: 55.6%

Bottle Size: 70cl

Cask Type: Refill Sherry Hogshead

Number of Bottles: 270

Bottled for: The Distillery

Box: 5th Release - Brown Presentation Box

Insert/Booklet: Tasting Notes

Front Label: Black Label with Gold Border, Cask Details

Back Label: None

Initial Price: 180

According to the label, Single Cask 2763 was bottled on November 5th, 2009. However, this bottle was not officially launched at the Distillery until April 26th, 2010, and the bottle was seen and purchased at the Distillery during the week of April 19th.

This Single Cask was also part of a seminar led by Mickey Heads at the 10th Anniversary Party for the Ardbeg Committee in Chicago, Illinois, USA on April 24th, 2010.

Front w/box

Front in box

Back with box

Tasting Notes Insert

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