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Vintage: 1990

Bottled: 8 April, 2004

Age: 13

ABV: 55%

Bottle Size: 70cl

Number of Bottles: 1140 (Japan); 600 (Distillery)

Box: None

Insert/Extras: None

Distribution: Japan, Distillery

Front Label: Same for both

Back Label: Japan Label; Distillery (None)

Initial Cost: ???

Front Label Japan Back Label

The following pictures represent my first attempt to deal with the foil top on the 1990. The belief has always been that these were distributed with a Gold Foil top only, but the "War on Whisky Fakers" reported bottles exist with Black Foil tops. The following pictures show a possible difference in two foils. However, after comparing both of these many, many times, either my eyes are bad or the different angles here just makes them look different in color. Also, the reported Black Foils were on bottles sold at the Distillery, where this one is from a Japan bottle. Either way, it's just a couple of extra photos to look at...

Front (Black Foil?) Front (Gold Foil)

Back (Black Foil?) Back (Gold Foil)

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