The Ardbeg Project

4.5 Litres Ardbeg Alligator

Expression: Alligator

Year bottled: 2011

Age: NAS

ABV: 51.2%

Bottle Size: 4.5L

Box: None

Insert/Booklet: None

Distribution: Not released to public

Confirmed Markets: Marketing Tour Bottle

Importers: ???

Front Label Varieties: Just one...

Back Label Varieties: ???

Initial Price: Not Sold to Public

The 4.5 Litres version of the Ardbeg Committee Alligator was only released for marketing purposes, used for Ardbeg tasting events around the world. Some were sent to Ardbeg Embassies (private stores given Ardbeg Embassy status) for sponsored tasting events with the agreement that the bottles would be opened for the event. Ardbeg/LVMH also used bottles for their own tasting events, marketing tour and product launches throughout 2011.

Chicago Committee Summit

Some Gators in Chicago!

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