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Single Cask 2392 (Committee Bottle - 2000)

Committee Bottle: Single Cask 2392

Date filled: 24 November, 1976

Date bottled: 17 July, 2000

Age: 23

ABV: 55%

Bottle Size: 70cl

Cask Type: Sherry Butt

Number of Bottles: 528

Bottled for: Ardbeg Committee

Box: Light Brown

Insert/Booklet: The Legend Revived - (NOTE)

Front Label: Light Brown

Back Label: Cask Details

Initial Price: 100 GBP

Offered to the Ardbeg Committee along with Single Cask 2394. The recollection of an Ardnut was that you had to send in a card and wait and see if you got one.
NOTE: There has been no confirmation that the "Legend Revived" pamphlet was included with either Committee Single Cask 2392 or 2394, and any information/confirmation from the Ardbegophiles out there would be greatly appreciated.

Front w/box and legend insert.

Back w/box and legend insert.

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