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Hip Flask pack.

Expression: Hip Flask Pack

TEN: 46%

Year bottled: 2002

Bottle Size: 5cl

Box: Brown

Insert/Booklet: Hip Flask

Distribution: UK, Europe

Confirmed Markets: UK, Europe

Importers: ???

Front Label Varieties: None

Back Label Varieties: None

Initial Cost: £8.99

Original Ardbeg Online Shop advertisement.

The Ardbeg Hip Flask Pack

A small, but perfectly formed round Ardbeg hip flask for popping in your pocket on a cold day. Comes in a presentation pack complete with a 5cl bottle of Ardbeg 10 Years Old.

Price: £8.99

Source: - circa April 2003

Front view.

Rear View.

Bottle codes for the Hip Flask Pack.

Bottle Code Expression Size Market Day Month Year
L2 332 0846 5ML 10 (OLD) 50 UK 28 November 2002

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