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Expression: TEN/ANB Gift Pack

Bottled (Packaged): 2010

Age: 10, 18

ABV: 46%

Bottle Size: 2x70cl

# of Bottles: No information yet

Box: Gift Box

Insert/Booklet: None

Distribution: Italy

Confirmed Markets: Italy

Importers: Italy

Front Label Varieties: Standard Labels

Back Label Varieties: Standard Italian Label

Initial Price: 95 Euros

I don't have much information on this "TEN-Airigh Nam Beist Gift Pack" except that it seems to have been a Limited Release for the Italian Market. If anyone has any distribution information regarding this gift pack, please use the Contact page and send me a message.

Front View.

Reverse View.

Bottle Codes for the "TEN-Airigh Nam Beist Gift Pack".

Bottle Code Expression Size Market Day Month Year
L10 152 05:21 6ML TEN (NEW) - (TEN-ANB Pack) 700 Italy 1 June 2010
L8 253 15:50 4ML Airigh Nam Beist - (TEN-ANB Pack) 700 Italy 9 September 2008

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