The Ardbeg Project

The Ardbeg Project, as a website, is the work of Tim Puett (me), a Northern California native who was introduced to Single Malt Scotch Whisky in 2007.

The Ardbeg Project, as a concept, is and will be the work of many dedicated whisky fans, which is why this section is called, About Us. Several people and organizations have contributed immeasurably to The Ardbeg Project, and without those contributions, The Ardbeg Project would simply not exist.

The following is a list of contributors to The Ardbeg Project.


Thanks to all the folks at Ardbeg for making the greatest whisky in the world. In addition, the work of the folks at the Ardbeg Distillery and the foresight of those at Glenmorangie plc are the reason this site is here for all of you.


The incredible amount of information that I was able to find on Thomas Kruger's "Whisky Auction" website is what got me started in the first place.

The foundation of my BETA project was created by searching through all of the archived auctions and pictures. They have also graciously approved the use of their pictures for reference on this site, and I am very thankful to Mr. Kruger for his permission.


Gordon, the mind behind the "Spirit of Islay" website, has provided a great deal of information in the last year during my "research". Such as:

  • Almost all of the Committee Bottle details prior to the Corryvreckan.
  • All of the bottle codes from his inventory of Ardbeg's.
  • Loads of information on virtually all of the General Releases, Special Releases, Path to Peaty Maturity and Vintages.

I may have missed many of his other contributions, but suffice it to say that his help has been invaluable for the creation of this site.


Geert has contributed to this project in the following ways.

  • The Single Cask information would not be complete without his help.
  • He confirmed many of the label and box varieties from the European and Asian releases.
  • He "proofread" the BETA project, helping considerably with this organization in the past year.

Many thanks to Geert for his help and support, and don't forget to check out his collection at


The fellas from PLOWED have taken this "whisky thing" to a whole new level. Thanks to those who I've met or chatted with online.

  • Marty
  • Ganga
  • Alan
  • Tom
  • Dr. Entropy
  • Todd
  • Davin
  • Blackeno
  • Mark
  • Mike
  • John
  • Jerry
  • FX

Without the forums, I never would have made it to this point. I met many people on the forums, and the amount of knowledge the forum members share with beginners is invaluable. I'd especially like to thank, in random order, these whiskymag forum members:

  • mikeymad - I couldn't have met a better "mentor" to guide me along this Malt craziness.
  • ganga - One of the best guys to chat and dram with online.
  • les taylor - I owe this man "big-time" for his help with my Ardbeg quest. Truly one-of-a-kind, and his insight is tremendous!
  • Ryguy - Same league as ganga. He has great malt enthusiasm!
  • Collector57 - A true gentleman! He is responsible for letting me sample LOTI and one of my favorite malts to date, SMWS 119.1, a shockingly great Yamazaki.
  • laphroaigaficionado - His Laphroaig website got me thinking of doing one here, and he has helped a ton with my Ardbeg "problem".
  • peatjunkie - See Geert Bero above.
  • Spirit of Islay - See Gordon Homer above.
  • bcrossan - Great guy, and he helped a bunch with my TEN search.
  • Yellowjacket - He got me kickstarted on bottle codes.
  • Knolly - "Canadian Uigeadail" master!
  • Sherried Malt - He definitely helped a friend in need.
  • r900p - His collecting enthusiasm was contagious.

I probably left many out, but I'll add them as I remember. Thanks to all!


Here is a short breakdown of my picture sources.

  • The majority of bottle pictures/images are from Thomas Krüger's Whisky Auction website, and I wouldn't have been able to provide much of the information or reference on this site without his permission.
  • Some of the small pictures on the main bottles page came from the Ardbeg Shop, and I had to photoshop all of the older bottles to keep the same background. The original pics put on the common background are mostly from Thomas Krüger's site as well.
  • The Whisky Exchange has been gracious enough to give consent for using images from their website.
  • La Maison du Whisky is also referenced here for some images, and they have confirmed some of my information on LMDW exclusive releases.
  • has given permission to use images, and Wayne's Ardbeg insight will be highly appreciated.
  • Some pictures of the harder to find old Ardbeg's come from Giuseppe Begnoni's Whisky Paradise website, and he was kind enough to grant permission for use of those images.
  • Lothar Langer has granted permission to use pictures of more tough to find Ardbeg's from his Whisky-Raritaeten website.
  • I have some pictures from Royal Mile Whiskies as well, but I have not received a response yet from them.
  • Mike Sharples at Abbey Whisky has given permission to use selected pictures, and those are referenced as well.
  • I have tried to make sure that all pictures belonging to other people, websites or companies have proper reference in the lower left hand portion of the image. Any copyright placed within the bottle design or label has been placed there either by the owner or by request of the owner of said picture.
  • Some of the various other pictures came from Internet searches, and due to the large number of sites with common pictures, it is too hard for me to give proper origin.
  • If you see a picture here you want to use on your site, you'll have to get permission from the owner, who reserves all rights for use of those pictures. If you want to use any that have "" as the owner, just ask. I have no problems if you just let me know.
  • Any images that reference this site were taken by me or a contributor who wanted to remain anonymous.

As you can see by the list above, and the Bottle Credits page, this is truly a worldwide effort to make The Ardbeg Project possible.

NOTICE: I do not receive any compensation, be it whisky or monetary, from anyone at Ardbeg, Glenmorangie, LVMH or anyone else for the work and opinions on this site. The views and opinions expressed on this site are mine, and mine only, and none of the companies or individuals should be held accountable for this content.

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