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El Diablo - Feis Ile 2011

Name: Feis Ile - El Diablo

Date filled: 1998

Date bottled: 2011

Age: 12

ABV: 55.1%

Bottle Size: 70cl

Cask Type: 2 ex-PX butts

Number of Bottles: ~1300

Bottled for: Feis Ile 2011

Box: None

Insert/Booklet: ???

Front Label: Black Label with embossed Bull

Back Label: Load of Bull

Initial Price: 90

The Feis Ile 2011 bottle was a marriage of two ex-Pedro Ximinez Sherry Butts from 1998. This produced somewhere around 1200-1300 bottles, but I'm waiting for confirmation of exact outturn.


Bottle Codes for Galileo versions, including any other Expressions bottled on the same day or within hours of the Galileo.

Bottle Code Expression Size Market Day Month Year
L11 116 07:51 5ML Alligator (mini-pack) 50 UK 26 April 2011
L11 116 8ML Feis Ile 2011(El Diablo) 700 UK 26 April 2011

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