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Welcome to the Old Kiln Shop
Welcome to the Ardbeg Distillery's Old Kiln Shop. All orders from our online shop are processed by the distillery visitor centre so you can expect to see an Islay postmark on any goods that you buy. Merchandising can be bought from anwhere in the world, but we regret that whisky can only be despatched to addresses within the EU.
Ardbeg 1976 singe cask (limited edition)
Ardbeg 1976 singe cask
(limited edition)

Only 50 available in the Old Kiln shop to Ardbeg Committee members only. Members may choose between cask nos.
No. 2392 (tasting note) @£112
No. 2394 (tasting note) @£112
(Sorry, only one bottle per committee member)

This hand bottled vintage has been released as celebration of the inauguration of the Ardbeg committee. If you are not currently in the committee and would like to benefit from future offers that are exclusive to members, then click here.
Ardbeg vintage whisky
Ardbeg's Ten Years Old

Quantity @£30

Ardbeg Ten Years Old is a very special bottling for the Ardbeg distillery as it is the only non-chill filtered whisky in the Ardbeg range. Chill filtering isn't a bad thing, in fact it created real consistency of product when the whisky industry was a little more 'hap-hazard' than it is today. Ardbeg Ten Years Old is whisky with none of the goodness taken out and as good as straight from the cask.  
Ardbeg vintage whisky
Ardbeg's 17 Years Old

Quantity @£35

This single Islay malt is revered by connoisseurs as a truly extraordinary whisky. Ardbeg Single Malt stands alone as the most delicate and complex of all the Islay malts. It does not flaunt the peat; rather it gives way to the malt, the natural sweetness of which subtly permeates and produces the perfect balance.  
Ardbeg vintage whisky
Ardbeg's 1975 Vintage

Quantity @£50

This malt has been declared vintage by the Ardbeg Distillery manager due to the extra special characteristics that the whisky has developed during the maturation period. This limited edition expression features all the charcter of a classic Ardbeg - peaty, smoky with a lingering sweetness. Although different from the 1978 Vintage , the 1975 sits comfortably within the unique Ardbeg range.
Ardbeg T-shirt

Quantity @£11.99
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Ardbeg Sporran (hip) flask

Quantity @£22.50
Ardbeg Lambswool Sweater

Quantity @£34.00
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Ardbeg tasting glass

Quantity @£4.50
Ardbeg Polo Shirt

Quantity @£20.99
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Ardbeg water jug

Quantity @£7.99
Ardbeg - Jewel of Islay

Quantity @£4.99
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Ardbeg Fleece (black)

Quantity @£36.99

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Ardbeg's 17 year old whisky Ardbeg's 1975 vintage whisky